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Reduce Weight Fruta Planta Capsule (Green box)


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Reduce Weight Fruta Planta Capsule (Green box) with extracts of a variety of fruit, dietary fiber, calcium lactate, vitamin C as the main raw material for meet the users' requirements. By modern biotechnolog,fruta palnta through the National Drug, Food with CMP certification standards. As the production of the latest generation of expelled oil for lose weight.Reduce Weight Fruta Planta Capsule (Green box) is easily taking and result quickly. 

As fruit recipes, reduce weight fruta planta with more effective and balanced nutrition, moisturizing the skin, oil absorption slimming safe and nontoxic all of them combined into this fruta planta product. Particularly, it's suitable for obesity, thick waist and legs, belly fat, long-term weight loss is not successful, hope to be healthy to lose weight or want to stay in shape.

[Ingredients] fruit lemon, fruit gum, bitter gourd, Papaya, benefit fruit, spiral

 400mgs/grain×30 grains

[Directions] Take fruta planta capsule one time per day, 1 grain per time, before or after breakfast with boiled water

1. Simplicity fatness, youth-hood fatness, post partum fatness. Those who have failed many times in reducing fat and easily get rebound.
2. Constipation, acne, facial splash.

[Storage] Place fruta planta in a cool and dry place.

[Supervise] Guangzhou Fragrant Living Creature Technique Development Limited Company (Attestation business enterprise of GMP)

Hainan Resurgence Natural Healthy Food Co., Ltd

[Grant the Text Number] The takes the meal of the word of (1999) No.0162

[Performance Standard] 
  • Audi

    Hi, I was skeptical about the Fruta planta when I ordered, but heard about them from a TV show and was pleasantly surprised when I got them and started taking them in the morning or before lunch time (I take 1 capsules). They really do help with appetite/cravings suppression. I have and would continue to recommend them. There is no jittery feelings or anything that makes you feel hyper- good stuff!
  • helen

    This product is the best that I have found for weight loss. I have tried a couple others, but I can actually see a difference with the Raspberry Ketones. I have gone down a whole size in pants while taking these. Of course I maintain exercise and eating decently, but this was the extra push that I really needed!